Suflenorsa Transitarios deals with all types of transportation, for goods of any kind. To transport the loads, be it full or half loads, we use methods via air, land and sea depending on the needs and requirements of each client.

- Sea Freight
- Air  Freight
- Road Transportation

Competitiveness, professionalism and precise information are a constant in our work

- Competitiveness
- Professionalism
- Accurate  Information

This department was created in 2002 with the objective of adapting to the demands of our users and with the aim of completing the cycle of services we had been offering until that point in time. Suflenorsa Transitarios allows us to maintain a privileged position and enables us to continue generating employment.

Transitarios was born by client demand, who requested logistic solutions for the handling of goods. Some of the offers we propose are air shipments, bulk loads , transportation by road, full load containers…

Our aim, as in other departments, is for our clients to feel satisfied , receiving the best service with maximum guarantees.

Sea Freight

SUFLENORSA TRANSITARIOS offers sea freight services to its clients, relying on their strong commercial agreements with the major fisheries. We specialise in the handling of perishable goods and in accordance to our constant tracking of shipments, we offer our client visibility as well as tariffs that match their needs.

We also handle dry cargo shipments both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load).

Grupo Suflenorsa

Air Freight

We are certified IATA agents and offer logistic solutions to our clients in this means of transport.

We provide direct and necessary attention and dedication to understand the demands of each of the activities we carry out. All in conjunction with the backing of the most competitive services in the main types of traffic.

We anticipate the needs of each client, creating the appropriate infrastructures to solve all kinds of problems in a totally responsible and reliable manner, competitive prizes and better guarantees.

We guarantee delivery of shipments by any means of both import and export goods.

Our aim is to make business easy for our clients by offering an complete service for their perishable cargo or loads of any other type. To do so we have the best strategic solutions:
- Technical and logistic support
- Preferential rates .
- International freight contracts.
- Documents, Insurance and Courier.
- Constant and direct contact with the client.
- Shipments that are prepared, carried out and tracked well, from start to finish.

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Road Transportation:

With our experience in road transportation we offer competitive and efficient solutions via rail and lorry, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients within the Iberian Peninsula, France and Northern Europe.

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Given the large volume of cargo we have with the different fisheries, we are fortunate to have important contracts which enable us to offer very competitive tariffs and conditions.

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We have full knowledge and understanding of the global market and qualified staff to handle shipments in the most efficient way possible. We are able to offer the client advice on any operation they require.

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Accurate Information:

We offer a thorough tracking method that makes us stand out from other alternative options in the market. Our client is kept up to date on the whereabouts of their shipments from the origin to the destination. We send out a merchandise routing report on a weekly basis, where we provide details of the status of the container, future transfers and the estimated destination arrival date. All relevant information regarding the merchandise.

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