Integral Service

As a result of the growing development of our company and of this type of transportation both in the frozen and dry sectors, and together with the needs to better each day and to adapt to the new market requirements and those of our customers, Suflenorsa group now has a refrigerated plant, Alicruz, in Puebla del Carmiñal and a Warehouse in Porriño to store goods.


Has an estimated capacity of 10.000 mt. Its chambers store a huge part of the various perishable goods that our clients import. In addition, we also handle distribution via lorry to various regions within Spain and Europe binding the merchandise onto the lorry, regardless of whether it is bulk or full load.

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The Porriño Warehouse

This establishment a total surface area approximately 2.100 m2. It is equipped with the necessary machinery and facilities to carry-out container and lorry bindings. Similarly, this warehouse can also be used to store the various products that our clients need to distribute at a later date.

Plant Alicrusa

Plant Suflenorsa