Supplies and Chartering

One of our most prized activities is the supply of diesel oil to our customers wherever their vessels may be.

The following are just some of our main supply points:

- The Falkland Island (Southern Atlantic)
- The Nafo Area
- The West Coast of Africa
- The Equador Area (Atlantic Ocean)
- Indian Ocean
- The Port of Montevideo

We have two key firms working in collaboration with us that carry out the transportation of goods via sea, as well as the delivery of fuel anywhere in the world. Two shipping firms that help us offer an unbeatable service, both on boarding and the speedy arrival and delivery times.

Lavinia Corporation, LTD.
Alpha Reefer Transport, GmbH

As a vital link for global trade, we know that a high level shipping service, means exceeding contractual obligations, making special services available to fishing fleets, such as: delivering supplies, spare parts and fuel.

Our freezer ships can also tranship fish from fishing vessels (direct open sea transfers). Similarly, we offer a special transport service by road; efficiency and flexibility are essential factors in the handling of perishable goods.

Wherever our customers go, Suflenorsa will be with them.

Lavinia Corporation LTD

Lavinia Corporation LTD was established in 1977. It therefore has a great deal of experience in the sea transportation sector and particularly in all types of perishable goods. Three ideas have remained firm and unchangeable, since it began:
• Total dedication to the service of their clients
• Safety and quality within their freezer ships
• Experience, dedications and loyality from their staff and crew members.

They currently have a freezer transportation fleet equipped with qualified staff and solutions for fishing fleet assistance and services in open sea i.e. Fuel and water supply, transportation of materials, food, etc., receiving and stowing catches of fish, as well as transport to the port of destination. With all this in mind, one can see that what we offer is a complete service from open sea to the port of destination, which is economical and efficient.

In addition to the tonnage, they also handle other freezer ships with a similar quantity. Long-short-term charters, that in this way increase the volume and flexibility of their fleet, which enables them to deal with any transportation need and to offer an efficient and satisfactory service.

To manage all the operations and be able to offer a quality service , Lavinia Corporation has various perfectly co-ordinated offices and delegations around the world. Main office - Athens Greece: LASKARIDIS SHIPPING CO. LTD: Is in charge of the coordination of the vessels and supervises the groups activities. The Palma Office ITALMAR, S.L.(Las Palmas): Consignment agents, longshoremen providing their services to the fishing fleet. Hamburg Office: FRIGOSHIP CHARTERING GMBH (Hamburg): Is responsible for chartering in different areas as well as the buying and selling of units. It also acts as the exclusive operator for the group ALPHA REEFER TRANSPORT GMBH (ART). Vigo Office: SUPPLIES AND CHARTERING OF THE NORTHWEST, S.A.(SUFLENORSA): Is at the Forefront of all the servicing operations for the Spanish fishing fleet, sector industries, transportation of goods, supplies, etc.


Grupo Suflenorsa


Alpha Reefer Transport is a worldwide fishing organisation with ample experience in the handling of refrigerated goods, they offer services and planning for long distance travel to clients with urgent needs, using our efficient refrigerated vessels fleet.

Alpha Reefer Transport is based in Hamburg and is a pool of businesses made up of seven fishing companies. It manages a fleet of around fifty modern and fully equipped refrigerated cargo ships and covers other additional demands using chartered ships. The ships have different dimensions and refrigerated space, with a capacity that oscillates between 70,000 and 200,000 cubic feet and three or four separate compartments with individual temperature controls, chilled or frozen goods can be transported in a single trip at temperatures between +12º and -25º/-30º, thus with the guarantee that the merchandise that needs to be kept chilled or refrigerated , arrives in optimal conditions to the port of destination.

Alpha Reefer Transport works exclusively with Frigoship Chartering Gmbh, who offers practical and well organised support for all our clients.


Grupo Suflenorsa