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*This service is now available for Suflenorsa Transitarios, S.L. We’re working on providing access to the other companies of the group.

Legal Notice and Privacy Statement

SUFLENOR, S.A., in compliance with the provisions of the Law 34/2002 of 11 July regarding Services of the Information Society and E-commerce. We wish to inform that:

  • - The registered company name is SUFLENOR, S.A.
  • - The company tax ID number is A36632461
  • - The business address is in Cl Serafín Avendaño, 5 Bajo, 36201 Vigo (Pontevedra)
  • - The company contact telephone number is 986 224 656
  • - The company is registered in the Pontevedra Mercantile Register
  • - The e-mail adrress is:


The personal data related to this website complies with the requirements set out in the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of Data Protection (RGPD) and (LOPDPGDD 3/2018).

Who is responsible body for procedure?

CIF: A36632461 (Company Tax ID number)
Address: Cl Serafín Avendaño, 5 , 36201 Vigo (Pontevedra)
E-mail address:

What is the aim of dealing with your personal data?

In accordance with different sections of our website, we handle your personal data within the following objectives:

  • 1. With the aim of managing and answering queries through our contact section, and referring them if required, to the corresponding group company.
  • 2. To attend to client access requests in the private section of the website and provide access by giving a user name and password, and if need be, to refer the client’s details to specific group companies.

How long do we maintain your personal data?
  • 1. Your data will be kept for the time necessary to attend to your query.
  • 2. Your data will be kept as long as you do not withdraw your consent.

What is the purpose of handling your data?

    1. For handling data resulting from consultations once finalised with the corresponding group company, if needs be, the legal basis will be your consent.

    2. To manage the data to access the private area of the website, the base will be the contractual agreement and your consent. Referal of the client’s data to specific group companies will be based on the justifiable interest of each company of the group, to facilitate access of clients to their own documentation.

What end user de we give your data to?
  • 1. Depending on the type of query posed, the data will be sent to the entities Suflenorsa Transitarios, S.L., Suflenorsa Aduanas, S.L. o Suflenorsa Consignaciones, S.L. based on the activity of each company.
  • 2. The data will be sent to Suflenorsa Transitarios, S.L., Suflenorsa Aduanas, S.L. o Suflenorsa Consignaciones, S.L. according to whose entity the registrant entering the private area is a client of.

Will data be transfered to third countries?

International transfer of data will not be done to third countries.

What are your rights when you send us your personel data?
  • - Access: the right to obtain confirmation of whether we are handling your personal data or not, to find out, what the data are, what they are used for, how long they will be held, their origin and if they have been reported or will be reported to a third party.
  • - Rectification: the right to ammend incorrect data and to fill in personal data that is incomplete.
  • - Elimination: the right to eliminate data of a personal nature when it is inappropriate, undue or already unnecessary for the purpose they were gathered for, including the right to oblivion.
  • - Objection: the right to object, in certain circumstances, to carry out personal data processing or to request the termination of the data processing.
  • - Limiting Data Processing: the right to request, within the legally established circumstances, that use is not made of the data beyond its own upkeep.
  • - Transferability: the right to receive personal data in a recognised format, for common usage and machine readable, and to be able to pass it on to another person in charge, as long as it is technically possible.

Will I be able to withdraw my consent?

You will have the possibility and the right of withdrawal of your consent for any purpose at any moment in time, without it affecting the legality of data processing based on the previous approval of its withdrawal.

Where can I assert my rights?

Asserting your rights should be done by means of a written note accompanied by a photocopy of your ID, and it should be sent to the previously mentioned address. Morever, we place at your disposal standard forms, that can be obtained in our premises or ordered online from the above e-mail address.

For more information:

The right to compensation before the Controlling Authority: In case that your rights were not respected you can file a complaint by writing to the Spanish Data Protection Agency located at Calle Jorge Juan, 6-28001-Madrid, or via the online address: https://sedeagpd.gob.

In both cases it should be accompanied with the necessary documentation.